About the Earth Rewards App

The Earth Rewards® app makes it simple for you to calculate your carbon footprint.  Our environmental rewards program helps you to understand, reduce and offset your carbon impacts by earning Earth Rewards points. 

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How to Connect, Collect, Protect

Create Your Account

Open your Earth Rewards account and start collecting ERZ points – the more you collect, the greater the benefit to you and the planet!

NEW – Track Your Impacts

We’ve worked hard to bringyou the Earth Rewards Impact Tracker. You can now log your impacts you want to track to find out your carbon impacts!

Learn and Earn

Complete our E-Missions and Academies to learn about carbon impacts, how to reduce them – and earn yourself some ERZ points too.

Spend Your Earth Rewards Points

Spend your ERZ points on offsetting the carbon impacts from your lifestyle that you can’t reduce or avoid.

Environmental Benefits

Each Earth Rewards point (ERZ) also helps protect areas of endangered rainforests, the biodiversity within them and the communities that live there as well.

Earth Rewards Points

Every Earth Rewards point protects 2 square metres of rainfores, plus offsets 1kg of your carbon footprint! So the more you collect, the more you are helping to protect the rainforest!

What Our Users Say

We love it when our community of Eartherz get in touch. Here’s what some of them have to say about the Earth Rewards app:

“Great app Love the app, simple and fun to use and was really interesting to work out my carbon footprint and how I can get it down”


“Amazing!!!! This is a fantastic app! I would seriously recommend downloading”


“Offsetting is the future Love the app and the idea.  looking forward to the future updateas as I think it’s the most effective way to save our planet”


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